Extreme Melt™️ AM/PM Set

Extreme Melt™️ AM/PM Set

Extreme Melt™️ AM/PM is a two part fat burner cream system! 


Extreme Melt™️ AM fat burner cream enhances workouts by increasing your energy levels so you push through your workouts! Sweating is a bonus! Our unique blend of essential oils and butters target fat cells, the lymphatic system, and reduce cortisol levels to help you naturally shed those pounds!

Extreme Melt™️ PM is a night time fat burner cream that penetrates the skin and targets stubborn fat cells causing them to shirk, thus you lose inches in your sleep! This formula incorporates restorative ingredients allowing you to relax before, regulate blood sugar levels, and lower stress levels. Quality sleep and reduced anxiety is imperative for weight loss!

What's different about Extreme Melt™️ from other thermogenics is that this two part system continues to work after your workout is complete and while you are asleep! The cream is absorbed in your skin which allows you to you go about your day as fat cells melt away! The ingredients are all natural and organic! 


There isn't any caffeine or additives! This is not a petroleum base mixture!

  • How To Use


    The AM formula is to be applied to all desired areas:hips, thighs, stomach, arms, back, and glutes before your workouts. Do Not Apply to Face or Neck area-the skin is much too thin and sensitive.



    The PM formula is to be applied to the same desired areas as the AM, but before bedtime. This formula has the same fat burning powers as AM with the addition of muscle restorative ingredients for a more quality nights sleep! 


    Give the container a good shake before each use as the natural contents may have settled. Massage each cream on the desired body part (s) for 20-30 seconds. You can maximize results with the use of saran plastic wrap, sauna suit, or a waist trainer of your choice. I do not recommend sleeping in any restrictive garments. Please do a skin patch test for known/unknown allergies.

    REMEMBER: Stay hydrated! Sweating profusely may cause dehydration. 

    Tip! Try sitting in the sauna after your workout and watch the formula work!


    Given the nature of the skin care product, We do not offer a refund. Please read our full refund policy before you submit payment. REFUND POLICY


    Please read our shipping & delivery policy!

  • Product Ingredients

    This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

    Organic Shea Butter, Organic Cocoa Butter, Pure Almond Oil, Pure Essential Oils

    Please Do A Skin Patch Test Before Use.


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