Mourned my Waist Away...

Updated: May 5, 2020

It was October 2009, and I had just turned 24 when my mother took her last breath. I remember that day like it was yesterday. My mom was put on hospice to provide her with a peaceful transition from this world. My older sister and I would administer her medication together each evening. This particular evening my sister was a few minutes late, so I went in the room and just talked to my mom. I don't remember the exact conversation. After about 20 minutes, my sister arrived and it was time to give my mom her meds. As we attempted to do so, my mom began gasping for air. My sister and I looked at each other in utter disbelief because we'd just been informed the day before of the signs of death...gasping was first. I grabbed her left hand and my sister grabbed her right hand. My sister started praying and I was just staring in shock, I guess. My mom looked at me, she looked at my sister, one tear rolled down her left eye, and she took her very last breath. That was it, she was gone. My sister absolutely lost it and I was just standing there, still holding her left hand. I've never been good with outwardly expressing my emotions. I was numb and zombie like. I internalize everything. I'd spend the next few years coping with the death of my mother with food.

I was silently depressed. I never told anyone because I was strong. I couldn't let people see me be weak or vulnerable. My ego almost killed me. By 2012, I had gained 65lbs. I hadn't noticed it because I was unfortunately still squeezing in my clothes. I didn't look in mirrors much anymore because I look so much like my mom, I'd get sad. I was up to a size 14. January 2013 I took a picture and when I saw it, I was instantly devastated. That was the first time I had actually looked at myself. I knew then I had to get that weight off of me. I tried every fad diet known to man. Mid 2013-2014 I tried the hcg diet where you could eat a maximum of 500 calories per day. 2014-2015 I tried an appetite suppressant called phentermine and I developed kidney stones! While I saw results with those methods, nothing was permanent. All my weight would return with a vengeance. After I healed from that, I went back to the drawing board. From late 2015-2016, I started changing the way I ate and began a consistent exercise regimen. It took about 3 months, but I started to see results. I wanted to burn more fat but I was against using products with harsh chemicals that would possibly cause harmful side effects. I was traumatized by kidney stones a few years earlier.

So, I tapped into my mother's love for herbs and essential oils. Growing up we didn't have a lot of money to go to the doctor or dentist, so my mom would whip up a natural remedy and heal us. I took this knowledge and coupled it with my background in chemistry/forensic science and developed a fat burner cream. I started using it before my workouts and the inches started falling off. I paired my fat burner cream with a generic waist trainer and in 2 months, the results were jaw dropping. I stuck to this regimen from 2016-2018. I was down 55lbs. I had lost inches off my entire body! I had found something that worked! It really worked. So my discovery wasn't biased, I asked a friend to test out my secret. August of 2018 she tried everything I was doing: changed diet, consistent exercise, my fat burner cream, and waist training. By January 2019, she was down 37lbs! This wasn't just water weight, this was fat loss! February 25, 2019 I launched my business: Savvy B Boutique! Extreme Melt by Savvy B was born and the rest is history.

Today we have over 15 products and we're steadily growing through research and development. My goal is to help reprogram my community's mindset around weight loss and help someone else climb out of their hole of depression. You see depression is a silent killer. It eats us from the inside out. It tells us we're weak, unwanted, a burden to others, and unworthy. In essence, we are loved and just an ask away from help. During my state of depression, I started journaling, forgiving myself, and others who had hurt me. I forgave people who never uttered an apology. That was hard but liberating. I turned my pain into power. I no longer turn to food as medicine. I hit the gym and write! Be blessed and fulfilled with all of your hearts desires.

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